Not Exactly Mainstream: 30 Years of Afrodeutsche Artistic Production

Noah Sow

Thursday, September 26th at 5pm-7pm Hagstrum Room (UH 201)

This talk analyzes the Afrodeutsche involvement in German art, media and popular culture since 1980 against the backdrop of large-scale societal changes. Among other things, the lecture will discuss Afrodeutsche contributions to German mainstream art and media since the 1980s, focusing specifically on publishing, radio, television and popular music. While highlighting the complex histories of Afrodeutsche cultural production, Sow will also illustrate these developments through examples taken from her own extensive experience as an artist and musician.



Noah Sow is an Afrodeutsche artist, musician, author, playwright, producer, scholar, and activist. She is the founder of the first and only Black German media watch organization, Der Braune Mob, for many years she was a radio and TV host on the German public stations HR, WDR, RBB, SWF and ARD, and she appeared as a judge on the German (American Idolesque) reality singing competition show, Popstars. Her book Deutschland Schwarz WeiƟ (2008) has become a standard text about structural racism in Germany, and she frequently lectures about dominant racial paradigms and anti-racist policies/ practices. After several contracts with major record companies, she now releases music (as Noiseaux) on her own record label Jeanne Dark Records. Noah Sow has been touring the globe as a musician and performance artist, and is currently deconstructing the foundations of the body//the gaze in conceptual art.