Hemispheric Blackness: Afro-Diasporic Politics and Performance Across the Americas

Plaza_de_Armas_Santiago_ChileE. Patrick Johnson and Ramón H. Rivera-Servera will host “Hemispheric Blackness: Afro-Diasporic Politics and Performance Across the Americas,” a work group at Encuentro 2016 in Santiago, Chile. For more information, visit here, and read more below.

Description/rationale of issues to be addressed:
This work group seeks to convene artists, activists, and scholars focused on the performance of black politics across the Americas. We are especially interested in artistic and activist projects that engage with the circulation of black aesthetics and politics across national borders while engaging local contexts and issues. Central to our query is pursuing ways in which a hemispheric Americas framework might relate to other Afro-diasporic geographic and cultural imaginaries such as (pan-Africanism, negritude, creolité, Garveyism). The work group will adopt a workshop approach to both artistic and scholarly materials through creative archive sharing and performance mapping exercises.  Artists, activists, and scholars engaging state/police violence, gender and sexuality, labor, and environment are especially encouraged to apply.

To apply:

Application deadline is November 4, 2015.  Apply using the application form and submit a personal Letter of Intent, a short Individual Bio, a CV/Resumé, and the required materials for the group by following the step-by-step instructions on the application form.